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Nearly 5 months back we shifted to Mumbai and then embarked on a journey to find a perfect preschool for our kid. ‘How hard could it be?’ We thought to ourselves, Having meticulously jotted down dos and don’ts and pros and cons. How naïve of us!! Coming from a family of child development experts and being a teacher myself, I had this image of a perfect preschool for my kid And luckily we stumbled upon a school named Just Kiddin’ International. So I went with my never ending list of questions! The admin very patiently answered all the questions. I loved the big classrooms and huge play area! ‘Hurray! No stairs’ I thought to myself. And then the next day my kid started his school! He howled and cried and I was amazed to see the teachers were so calm and patient with him. They understood it was doubly hard for him as the school and the city were both new to him! I believe having a child is like letting your heart run outside of your body and Just Kiddin’ International is just the place for all the mommies little ‘Hearts’!! I just want to say a big ‘Thank you’ to the whole staff of this amazing school!!

Vihaans mamma - Rucha Viraj Mehta

The first time when we visited Just Kidding International School, we read the following lines at the entrance:

"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn..." And I wondered how much of this is actually followed...

It's been 2 years since and both my kids have had a wonderful journey under the care and guidance of this school.

Teachers at Just Kiddin have always been more than available to answer any concerns right from day one and hold our hands through everything. Innovative teaching tools and constant endeavour to reinvent.... to never settle for average or routine is heartwarming..

Utmost importance is accorded to hygiene and safety of our tiny tots.. the staff tirelessly works towards ensuring that our babies are safe and secure physically and mentally.

The countless celebrations all year round taught my kids about our culture and country more than I could have personally taught..when my 2 year old who still cant speak legibly says "namaste" every morning .. totally satisfying!!!

We have lots to thank for.. list is endless.

So thank you Mrs Sangita Sharma and all amazing teachers for always being around - on the ground cheering and encouraging our little ones.. as involved as any parent!

Anaaya and Harshwardhan's mum

Hi Just Kiddin team , We’re so happy to write this feedback note . Of course , it’s both unbelievable and a little sad that Srinidhi’s 3 years at Just Kiddin have sped by so fast.

You are quite simply the best run , most caring and involved School for tiny tots we’ve come across ( and with 2 kids and being in 3 cities over the last 10 years , we’ve seen our fair share:). With such great teachers , didis and hands- on management and admin team , this is no surprise.

We’ve been busy recommending you to every young parent we meet ( especially out of towners like we were when we moved from Bangalore 3 yrs ago ).

Srinidhi has loved every moment of her time at Jus Kiddin and we will always be thankful for that to all of you.

I should also mention the wonderful Bus service run by “Bus kaka” . It’s such a comfort to know the kids are under his watchful and affectionate eye in the daily bus ride to and from School !

All the very best to Jus kiddin !

Deepa and Karthik

A place where our child looks forward to going every morning, a place where we know our child is treated with utmost affection and love, a place where the entire staff takes care of our child better then us, a place where all festivals and events are celebrated as a family, a place that nurtures all aspects of our child's personality...this is what Just kiddin has been to us....not a place, not a school but Avni's second home and family for the past 3 years. An institution that will always remain very close to our heart. Thank you team JK for what you are and what you do.


I would not hesitate to recommend JKDC as a day care provider to anyone looking for a caring and nurturing environment where their child is treated with love and respect. My daughter loves JKDC and views it as a family. JKDC had taken excellent care of her since she was 3 years old and I attribute much of her growth mentally and emotionally to JKDC team. I get daily updates on what she has been up to. The activities here are well structured along with a Holistic approach. Teachers are playing enormous role in nurturing and developing kids. In-fact I get to learn so many things about ' Being Human" from Athena's behaviour and interactions within and outside family and this definitely comes from the JKDC. The team of JKDC holds a special place in our heart because it is helping Athena grow for WHAT SHE IS- A Strong - Willed Child and not altering her originality! Thank you for being there in place of me, I am grateful and will always be!

Athena's Mom, Kavita

'Just Kiddin' is 'Just Serious' when it comes to child development and parental support.

The setup fulfilled academic interest of my child in conjunction with his likings in other fields too. Just Kiddin’ ambience simply unveiled Pratyush's hidden talents and interests. He feels safe and loved here. The values he has imbibed here are going to be with him for ever; sure this shall carve a greater person out of him in future.

As a woman coming from a nuclear family I have struggled with my share of difficulties like striking work-life balance, career resurrection, family health issues, emergencies etc. In such cases Just kiddin’ did exactly what my parents would have done for me; standing beside me through thick and thin. I see a true friend in Just Kiddin’; a friend in need.

Just Kiddin's transparent communication and easy reachability makes it a dependable partner in our otherwise demanding and hectic life. I thank Just Kiddin’ a lot for being there.

Pratyush's Mom

As an early benefiter of six-month maternity leave, I imagined to welcome motherhood in picture perfect slow motion, basking in each moment. A month was enough to realize how tough it is to make the choice – to nurture the baby or nurture yourself. Being part of nuclear family, with extended family members far away from Mumbai and husband’s frequent travel from his job gave me all the more jitters.

My organization gave yet another opportunity – a day care tie-up with Just Kiddin’ for infants. As with many average Indian families, I had my own reservations and scepticism, right from logistics to emotional and social acceptance.

I still wanted to give one whole – hearted try. Am happy I did that and here’s why:

Premises: Tucked in a quiet corner of bustling Powai, still being close enough to my office. Even during my weekend pre–natal Yoga classes, I have always found the place spick and span. The outdoor space, refreshing aquarium, and cleanliness again! – adds to the right vibe.

People: From Simran ma’am to Shimla didi, everyone put their heart and soul to take care of the kids. There were challenging moments to sail and few more to come – nevertheless, am positive that the warmth, commitment and expertise from the team is all that is needed. Sid also has so many brothers and sisters to learn from, share with and play all day long.

Popups & photos: To put a mommy’s mind at ease, kid’s important activities are keyed – in. I also get photos / videos of my kid’s playful moments.

Once my baby is in safe and secure hands, I now believe I don’t need to make the choice that I initially imagined in my head. Sid and I nurture each other – and thanks Just Kiddin’ team to make it happen. Just Kiddin’ is just right!

Siddharth Hari’s Mom

We just thought of sharing how Tara is progressing at Ekya. Her first term results earned her 17As and 2 Bs. They were being assessed on 19 points including reading, writing, math, drama etc. One of the Bs she earned was because she thought baby cursive A was easier done by putting two tails on either side of a baby o and there was no point in writing otherwise;))

Now she’s busy gearing up for the school annual day in December. I just got to know from school this morning that Tara is anchoring the event. And Ma'am this is where we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for bringing her out of her shell, for helping her get over her stammering and all the little little things you, the teachers, the mausis, Shekar bhaiyya have done for her to be a confident little girl.

She thoroughly enjoys school, but hardly does a week ago by when she doesn't say I wish I were back at JK or else why can't Sangita Ma'am start a school in Bangalore!! Every time a friend or a co parent at school asks us where she did her pre-school, we proudly say JK, Powai.

We also take this opportunity to wish you and all the teachers and staff at JK a wonderful Diwali.

Venu and Anjali, Bangalore

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