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Just Kiddin‘….. a paradise on Earth for little angels….. a go-to place for kids as they take their first little steps into the world of learning.

Beginning its journey in 2001, Just Kiddin‘ has, today, evolved from being just ‘a fun place for kids’ to becoming a vibrant preschool. Combining the best of internationally acknowledged preschool methods of education with a curriculum that resonates with the excitement of schooling. Over the years, it has grown in expanse and repertoire. The increasing number of children that are a part of the Just Kiddin‘ family speak for the role that Just Kiddin‘ is playing in giving children a preschool education and nurturing their childhood.

Conceived as a stepping-stone to gently lead little kids, moving out of the warm confines of their home right into a learning environment. That’s like a home-away-from home.

It has lived up to its promise, providing as it does - a lively, happy, warm place. Where the teacher gently hand-holds the child, as he/she learns to experience a world beyond his /her home.

A Preschool that has its heart in the right place, recognising what a mother’s love and care mean to a little child and blending the very same element into its ethos.

The scientifically designed and planned curriculum is based on the highly respected International teaching methodologies of the Montessori and Reggio Emiilia methods of preschool education. This has been customised and made ideally suited to Indian educational needs. The curriculum, which is truly International in its design, fosters experiential learning. This it does through the process of exploration and discovery in a highly supporting environment.

This approach recognises that principles of respect, responsibility and community are inculcated by the child in its early years. During the course of his / her natural psychological, physical and social development, the child needs to experience independence and freedom , within limits. This is achieved through guided independence. Just Kiddin has adopted a unique phonic program of Letterland, UK. This program stimulates learning using a phonic approach, motivating the child to listen, think and then learn. The Phonic Program has been found to be highly successful in hastening the process of learning, as it teaches a child to read, write and spell with ease.

Mrs. Sangita Sharma

( Founder & Managing Director )

“Just Kiddin’- the fun place for kids” is the brainchild of Mrs. Sangita Sharma; an educationalist by profession, but a teacher by heart! Conceived with a sense of conviction to raise the standards of preschool education offered in Mumbai, Mrs. Sharma set up Just Kiddin’ to cater to multiple curriculums from around the world, customized to Indian educational needs. The curriculum is scientifically planned by her team of professionals and incorporates Montessori and Reggio Emilio methods of preschool education blended into one fun curriculum that stimulates learning!

Mrs. Sharma has taught in esteemed schools in Mumbai like Arya Vidya Mandir and Bombay Scottish. As a teacher, she was seen as an exemplar of excellence, always wanting to build the quality of instruction, and of course extremely passionate about cultivating and nurturing the lives of young ones! As the founder and Principal of Just Kiddin’, her effectiveness as an all-round administrator can be seen in the healthy school environment and the smiles on the kids, parents and teachers’ faces. She strongly believes in the power of her biggest asset- her teachers. Building a school is not just about bricks and mortar. It’s about building strengths, working together as a team and implementing the best global practices in early childhood development.

Just Kiddin’ has grown exponentially since its inception in July 2001, in mind, spirit and of course in numbers! The tireless efforts of Mrs. Sangita Sharma, the school administrator and Principal, has established Just Kiddin’ in the top league of preschools in Mumbai. She aspires for nothing more than to arouse a love for learning in her children and for them to have a good character; but most of all to have a fun and memorable childhood!


Just Kiddin' is committed to providing a safe haven to little ones. Where their sense of wonder is gently nurtured and the child learns to experience and experiment, under the encouraging support of professionally qualified teachers.

Commitment extends to enriching a child’s knowledge through fun activities that inspire learning and playing together. Thus ensuring that the child eventually grows up into a well-adjusted individual.

It is this deep commitment that forms the bedrock of its activities.

Teaching Methodology and Infrastructure

At Just Kiddin, a child is encouraged to articulate its curiosity. This is achieved through experimentation in an environment that stimulates creative expression. And which, at the same time, fosters an awareness of its independence.

Activities in the classroom are designed to capture the imagination of the child, inspiring it to respond to new ideas and themes in a natural and engaging manner.

Modern teaching methods use a fine blend of field trips, interactive multimedia exposure, Drama, Role play and Puppet shows to provide a complete learning experience. Field trips give a feel of the real-world and modern interactive multimedia showcase the magic of the virtual world. Expertly combined with dramatic expositions that include Drama, Role play and Puppet shows, they make the learning process that much more interesting and memorable.

Daily interaction between the teachers, administrators and parents is encouraged in an effort to have transparency in the evaluation of a child’s progress.

The Schools’ eco-friendly infrastructure reckons environmental concerns and echoes the values of the Founders to make this planet a better place.

The Spacious and airy classrooms create an element of openness giving children a feeling of space and comfort. There is an indoor celebration area to enliven the atmosphere and a bus-library that a child can easily hop onto. The Audio-Visual Room to engage with media creates a charmed world of excitement. But the icing on the cake is the large Outdoor play area that gives every child a complete sense of freedom, fun and frolic as it lets its imagination run riot in creating new games.

Core Values

  • Upholding the Trust of the Community
  • Earning Respect for its contribution to Society
  • Shouldering responsibility gracefully
  • Honesty in every action
  • Caring for Children and the Community

The Teachers

Just Kiddin has teachers who are completely dedicated to their task, nurturing a child’s natural talents and healthy growth as they share its sense of wonder. The caring that is their hallmark, create an atmosphere of trust inspiring a child to seek excellence and doing them proud.

Just Kiddin teachers take tremendous pride in the achievements of each child and it is this sense of achievement that spurs them on to truly shape a child’s future with their love and care.

Ms.Sangita Sharma‘s dream has been to inspire a love for knowledge among children through a well-designed learning program. That while stimulating and energising the learning process and nurturing a good character would give the children wonderful memories of a happy childhood.

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