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Founded in 2001, and true to it’s name, Just Kiddin’ International is a paradise for little ones! Often regarded as a school with a heart, little ones come to happy, friendly and compassionate surroundings. Just Kiddin’ International is committed to providing a safe and nurturing haven for young children. Seventeen delightful years later, the founding principle of enrichment through the play-way method and “kid-size” activities remains un-compromised. A love of learning is inspired through working and playing with others.


At Just Kiddin’, the child, like an Ant(Frisky), learns to be flexible in adjusting to other children and the surroundings that he/she encounters every day in the learning environment created by us.They learn to get along with different people as they team up with other children to play games that are designed to call upon their sportsmanship, leadership and team-building skills.

Method followed in school

Step 1

At Just Kiddin' children are encouraged to be curious and creative while developing confidence in themselves and their abilities. Classroom activities are designed to inspire young learners , capturing a child's interests and ideas.

Step 2

Lessons are taught based on themes and reinforced with a variety of teaching methods such as -Field trips, Interactive multimedia, Drama , Role play, Puppet shows etc , So learning for each topic is in-depth and easily remembered.

Step 3

The school has airy, spacious classrooms so that children are comfortable. There is an indoor celebration area, a bus library to hop into, an audio-visual room for those weekly treats and probably the largest outdoor play area in a preschool where children frolic and dance to music! As a new age school, the fundamentals of being eco-friendly have been adopted


The first time when we visited Just Kidding International School, we read the following lines at the entrance: "If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn..." And I wondered how much of this is actually followed... It's been 2 years since and both my kids have had a wonderful journey under the care and guidance of this school....

Anaaya and harshwardhan's mum

Nearly 5 months back we shifted to Mumbai and then embarked on a journey to find a perfect preschool for our kid. ‘How hard could it be?’ We thought to ourselves, Having meticulously jotted down dos and don’ts and pros and cons. How naïve of us!! Coming from a family of child development experts and being a teacher myself, I had this image of a perfect preschool for my kid And luckily we stumbled upon a school....

Rucha Viraj Mehta

Srinidhi has loved every moment of her time at Jus Kiddin and we will always be thankful for that to all of you. I should also mention the wonderful Bus service run by “Bus kaka” . It’s such a comfort to know the kids are under his watchful and affectionate eye in the daily bus ride to and from School ! All the very best to Jus kiddin !

Deepa and Karthik

A place where our child looks forward to going every morning, a place where we know our child is treated with utmost affection and love, a place where the entire staff takes care of our child better then us, a place where all festivals and events are celebrated as a family, a place that nurtures all aspects of our child's personality...this is what Just kiddin has been to us....not a place, not a school but Avni's second home and family for the past 3 years.


To put a mommy’s mind at ease, kid’s important activities are keyed – in. I also get photos / videos of my kid’s playful moments. Once my baby is in safe and secure hands, I now believe I don’t need to make the choice that I initially imagined in my head. Sid and I nurture each other – and thanks Just Kiddin team to make it happen. Just Kiddin is just right!

Siddharth Hari’s Mom

I would not hesitate to recommend JKDC as a day care provider to anyone looking for a caring and nurturing environment where their child is treated with love and respect.My daughter loves JKDC and views it as a family. JKDC had taken excellent care of her since she was 3 years old and I attribute much of her growth mentally and emotionally to JKDC team. I get daily updates on what she has been up to.

Athena's Mom, Kavita

'Just Kiddin' is 'Just Serious' when it comes to child development and parental support. The setup fulfilled academic interest of my child in conjunction with his likings in other fields too. Just Kiddin’ ambience simply unveiled Pratyush's hidden talents and interests. He feels safe and loved here.The values he has imbibed here are going to be with him for ever; sure this shall carve a greater person out of him in future.

Pratyush's Mom

We just thought of sharing how Tara is progressing at Ekya. Her first term results earned her 17As and 2 Bs. They were being assessed on 19 points including reading, writing, math, drama etc. One of the Bs she earned was because she thought baby cursive A was easier done by putting two tails on either side of a baby o and there was no point in writing otherwise;))

Venu and Anjali

School Programme

Play School, Nursery & Prep1 and Prep2: Toys, Blocks, Games, Puppets, Paints and more for your 2 yr and 3 yr old to feel that "Just Kiddin' is the fun place to be

All Rounder

For your 3 to 7 yr olds a whole lot of activities to choose from Jungle Cubs, Karate, Musical Bonding, Soccer, Ballet, Buzz and Bloom.

Mother Toddler

First step is a unique program for children from 8 months to 2 year olds because the child takes his/her first step with his/her Mommy... Yes Mommy has to attend and enjoy all the activities at this twice a week club with their babies. Our activities are : Sand play-Water play-Role play, Stories, Puppet shows, Music and Motion, Art activities and Fun with Motor toys

Day Care

Just Kiddin’ International Preschool & Daycare is an integrated childcare service provider, catering to the holistic development of children. We strive to provide an environment to facilitate fun-filled learning and a wonderful value system of sharing and caring.

We are currently operating from two venues in Hiranandani, Powai to meet the rising demand for quality Daycare. We cater exclusively to the youngest age group at our new daycare - 6 month olds to 4 year olds.

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Just Kiddin’ International Preschool and Daycare

Behind Hiranandani Hospital, AyyappaTemple Road, Opp Raj Grandeur,Powai, Mumbai 400076

DayCare (for Infants and Toddlers.)

502 - Alpha, Main Street, Hiranandani Gardens,Sainath Nagar, Powai Mumbai 400076

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Just Kiddin’ International Preschool and Daycare

+91 9819521772

DayCare (for Infants and Toddlers.)

+91 7045998566

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8.45 AM to 3PM (Mon to Fri)


8.45 AM to 4PM (Mon to Fri)

9AM to 1PM (Sat)

Daycare 1 & 2

8AM – 8PM (Mon - Fri)